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Talento Sin Fronteras (Talent Without Borders) Program

There’s a story we hear nearly every day — refugees and asylum seekers across the globe leave their homes, families and careers to risk their lives for a better, safer future.

Job Support Power

In Japan, our dedicated division supports inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce. Through a combination of coaching and education for employers,  training of individuals with disabilities, and teleworking accommodations and infrastructure, we support more than 100 people with disabilities into employment every year. Job Support Power has been recognized as a Top 100 Teleworking Pioneer. 

  • 1M
    refugees seeking homes in Europe
  • 4800+​
    refugees we’ve helped find meaningful employment
  • 200+
    global leaders working with us to close the gender gap

Employing Refugees as Interpreters with TVcN

In Netherlands, we’re working with the Dutch Council for Refugees to offer re-training and long-term employment to refugees as interpreters with our TVcN business.  Starting with 10 people in 2014, we have now trained and employed more than 800 refugees, empowering those who have overcome their own obstacles to help others do the same. 

Ready. Set. Work!

Discover the power of women helping women succeed in the workforce.

  • 180k+
    U.K. veterans we've helped find sustainable employment

Building Bridges

Our call-out to companies in Argentina to be more inclusive has resulted in success stories for both companies and candidates.​


Transportation problems are one of the biggest challenges facing workers and employers in remote areas. We partnered with startup BlaBlaCar to co-create a ridesharing app, BlaBlaLines, to mobilize and empower a community in rural France. To date, we’ve helped drive 46,000 visits to the app. 

Success Starts Here Men’s Job Seminar

Expanding on the success of our annual Women’s Job Seminar, in 2017 we launched a similar program to help men overcome barriers to employment. The program provides advice on professional skills like resume building, professional attire, and interviewing techniques, as well as practical resources to help recover drivers’ licenses and register children for childcare. 

Jobs for Refugees in Germany

We’re finding meaningful work for refugees from seven countries in the midst of civil war.​

Australian Defence Force

We’re creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace to attract more women and indigenous recruits for the Australian Defence Force.​

U.K. Career Transition Partnership

The U.K.’s Royal Air Force, Army and Navy, chose ManpowerGroup to help its people build the skills required to transition to civilian work.


Disability affects 12 million French citizens. Our disability inclusion campaign, “HandiCapable,” helps recruits, assess and place thousands of people with disabilities into sustainable work and educates employers on appropriate accommodation. In 2018 alone, we placed 5,600 associates with disabilities with 5,400 employers.

re:Start Training Program

Experis is partnering with Amazon Web Services to offer innovative skills development and tech training for now and in the future.​

5 Gender Equality

ManpowerGroup Board of Directors who are women