Building Bridges

Integrating & Including

  • 5 Gender Equality
  • 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 10 Reduced Inequalities

Equal and different

ManpowerGroup Argentina is on a mission. Recognized as a “Best Place to Work” on the Disability Equality Index, they’ve been creating workforce opportunities for people with disabilities since 2004. Developed in 2008, the Building Bridges (Construyendo Puentes) program expanded outreach to disadvantaged groups by providing opportunities for youth, refugees, women and mature workers as well.

  • 1200
    ManpowerGroup job placements for people with disabilities since 2004
  • 220
    persons with disabilities employed internally by ManpowerGroup since 2004

Working with employers to welcome diverse talent and offer training programs to people with learnability, Building Bridges has helped thousands of people with disabilities into the labor market. Their employability is improved with tools ranging from job search and interview techniques to time management and social media skills. And that’s made all the difference for job seekers who need an extra helping hand.

Partners see the value

The success of the outreach approach to local companies is in the numbers – more than 230 companies have stepped up as Inclusion Partners, committing to an open door policy that values the talents and skills of people with disabilities. Partner clients have even gone the extra mile by volunteering for workshops that prepare job seekers for the realities of the working world. These partner companies are united in their belief that a diverse workforce is a stronger, more creative work environment. And that’s not only good for the employees, but also for the bottom line.

“I am so happy in my job right now and encourage everyone to achieve what they’re looking for. Equal and different at the same time – that’s my motto.” — Melina, Building Bridges participant

Melina - on track to success

Melina, a 23-year old from Buenos Aires, dreamed of a career as an English interpreter and was not going to let her motor disability stand in her way. Assessed for her interests and skills by ManpowerGroup Argentina while still a student in 2015, she started down a path of meaningful part-time jobs. Work in a foreign trade company, major hotel chain and broadcasting company added valuable, office administration experience in a range of industry sectors and work environments.

Melina heaps praise on her coach Cristina Miño, ManpowerGroup Diversity & Inclusion Analyst,  who has encouraged her every step of the way. The Building Bridges program and its job placements are transforming lives. These individuals are finding greater independence and increased self-confidence. And that leads to happy, fulfilled employees looking ahead to a career track of meaningful employment.

“The aim is to dispel the myths surrounding people with disabilities. Our experience after more than a decade with this initiative proves that there should be no boundaries for these individuals.” — Matías Emanuel Martínez, Sustainability & Communications Analyst ManpowerGroup Argentina

Full-time job / long-term future

Her university studies completed, Melina landed a full-time job as a secretary with DuPont in August 2018. Her previous jobs have prepared her well for her current responsibilities, including answering phone calls and arranging meetings, responding to mail, and greeting people, where her English proficiency is a big asset. Melina’s varied office experience, positive outlook and sunny enthusiasm have already earned compliments from the leadership team. She credits ManpowerGroup Argentina for launching her on a career track with opportunities she would not have found on her own.  Melina sees a bright future with DuPont – possibly in global business due to her English ability – and the company sees no obstacles in her way.

Additional Building Bridges stats:

  • 9500
    young people trained since 2004
  • 730
    refugees in Argentina trained to improve employability since 2007
  • 690
    people 45+ years old trained since 2009

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  • 4 Quality Education
  • 5 Gender Equality
  • 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 10 Reduced Inequalities
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