Junior Achievement

Ready for Work

It’s never too early to get ready for work

“What? I don’t keep all the money I make?” asks a wide-eyed student staring at a pretend pay stub. It’s questions like this that Nafessa Jackson, and hundreds of her fellow ManpowerGroup volunteers, field in their work with Junior Achievement. It’s this sort of knowledge, that’s rarely taught in schools, and is absolutely vital in preparing students to find success in the world of work.

Big dreams, and the skills to achieve them

Junior Achievement is an international non-profit organization dedicated to giving young people financial literacy and encouraging their entrepreneurship so they can manage their own futures—and even run their own businesses. As a partner for over a decade, ManpowerGroup’s number one goal is to help Junior Achievement inspire 10 million students every year to dream big, identify their passion, and reach their potential.

ManpowerGroup and Junior Achievement believe it’s never too early to set the stage for a lifetime of achievement, fueled by learnability and skills development. That’s why we’re delivering tangible, hands-on learning experience, working directly with students to help them understand the decision making and consequences that impact financial success and sustainability. And thanks to additional partnerships in countries like Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Sweden and the U.K., we have even more opportunities to offer work readiness to young students and teachers across Europe by providing digital training webinars, participating in judging panels days during JA annual student competitions, and taking an active part in Leaders for a Day events.

“Through this program, students realize and respect the financial pressures working adults face on a daily basis.” — Nafessa Jackson, Community Investment Program Manager, ManpowerGroup

The best part? It works. The Junior Achievement-ManpowerGroup partnership instills confidence from youth that lasts a lifetime. Alumni are more employable, more enterprising, start more businesses and earn higher salaries. Our volunteers are engaged and motivated. And because we share a belief that getting youth work ready is a constant and evolving endeavor, it’s one that pays dividends not only to young people, but also to their employers.

Helping young people around the world get ready for work