Rockwell Automation

Skilling Up

A chance for the rust belt to reinvent

Manufacturing didn’t die, it evolved. Technology changed the nature of jobs and labor became cheaper elsewhere. And much of the time the workforce didn’t evolve, their skills stayed the same and people got left behind. But new manufacturing is back to boom. So if we learn anything from history it’s that it need not repeat itself. That’s why what’s emerging from the rust belts and old industrial areas around the world is so encouraging. Twenty-first century manufacturing is advanced and it’s digital. It’s not dirty or dull or dangerous. And it’s a growth industry, with the potential to employ a lot of people—if they have the skills. And that’s how ManpowerGroup and Rockwell Automation plan to lead the way.

A Growing Skills Gap

  • 3.5
    Million new jobs in the U.S. manufacturing sector by 2027
  • 2.5
    Million manufacturing workers set to retire by 2025
  • 46%
    of U.S. employers continue to experience talent shortages

To tackle the growing skills gap, ManpowerGroup and Rockwell Automation have developed the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing. This first-of-its-kind program was launched in August 2017 to give individuals 10 weeks of comprehensive education focusing on the technology and soft skills they need to translate their current experience into sustainable employment in the fast-growing automation industry.

Returning to service—in a new industry

Enlisting in the military takes dedication and sacrifice. Commitment. Strength. Honor. Bravery. Just to list a few qualities. It also requires a set of work ethics, smarts and experience that are the stuff of dreams for hiring managers. And more than 200,000 U.S. military service members are discharged every year. Which is why the Academy’s first class is focused on veterans. Our partnership with Rockwell Automation will train 1,000 veterans per year by 2018, creating a pool of certified job candidates for in-demand advanced manufacturing roles across the United States. The program is designed to identify and tap underutilized workers throughout the country by identifying their potential and actively encouraging their skill development.

“Military veterans possess a unique combination of technical savvy and core work skills that makes them well-positioned for careers in today's advanced manufacturing environments.” — Blake Moret, CEO, Rockwell Automation

A win-win

Participants are those who have the desire to acquire new skills (high in what we call learnability), and want to significantly increase their earning potential. In addition, manufacturing employers get access to highly skilled candidates, and an opportunity to create more sophisticated manufacturing. It’s a winning formula.

Watch Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO of ManpowerGroup and Blake Moret CEO of Rockwell Automation discuss the partnership on Fox Business.